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About Ordering


1. Please E mail your order to and indicate if you would like to pick up your order from our location in Aurora, Ontario or have it mailed.

2. Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, cheque or money order.  Please give your phone number if you wish to pay by Visa or Mastercard.  All of the heirloom  vegetable, herbs and flowering vine seeds are only $3.50 each per package. 

3. All our Heirloom Seeds can be purchased throughout the year.  Please order early for the best selection.




Our Goals
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To  promote preserving heirloom seeds and plants.


Until March 15th

Free Heirloom seed package when you order 6 or more Heirloom Tomato or Pepper Seed packages before March 15th.  You will receive a free package of Heirloom  Vegetable or Flower Seeds with your purchase.