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Onion Sets

Onions like a rich, well worked soil with good drainage. Plant the onion sets as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring.  

Each set comes in a 100 bulb bag and costs $5.95 

 Dutch Onion Sets
      Early, fresh green onions.
      They produce larger onions for winter storage when left in the ground all season. 
Gourmet Shallots      
       Mild gourmet flavour.
       A cross betwen onions and garlic.
Multiplier Onions
      Each bulb will produce 6 to 8 mild-flavoured green bunching onions. 
Red Onion Sets
      Dark, red skin with pinkish white flesh. 
      Mild and sweet. 

Spanish Sets
     Larger and sweeter Spanish type onions.
     Similar to Dutch Onion sets. 
White Onion Sets
    Mild white cooking onion. 
    Ecellent for green onions. 

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