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Heirloom Potatoes

                       The potato originated thousands of years ago in South America along the western side of the continent.  By the time the Spanish explorers learned about this unique vegetable, the native people of Peru had developed hundreds of different varieties, thus creating a large genetic pool.  There were always some varieties that grew well, no matter what the weather. 

Seed Potatoes   Use certified seed potatoes for excellent quality and high yields in your potato patch. 

 Gourmet Blend -A blend of favourites such as Purple Caribe, Dark Red Norland and Alta Blush.  Yummy! 


Early types  65+ days 

             Alta Blush -From Alberta.  Reddish-brown skin colour with white tuber flesh. Excellent for baking, roasting and mashing. Yields well in a variety of soil conditions  

               Dark Red Norland- Very popular. Plant every two weeks for delicious young potatoes all season.

            Linzar Deleketess -Top Early banana type.  Popular for boiling and making salads. Potatoes are small and oval with yellow skin.  High yields.              



Mid Type   80 + Days

                German Butterball           -Oblong tuber with golden skin and butter yellow flesh.  Superb for hash browns, fries, steaming or baking and stores well.  Excellent flavour. 

                  Gold Rush                            -High yielding tubors are usually smooth and uniform.  Excellent for baking and boiling. It's very good for french fries.  It's white flesh and excellent flavour                                                      makes it perfect for your table. 

                Milva             -High Yields.  Yellow fleshed potato with excellent resistence to late blight. Great for boiling, salads and roasting.

              Yukon Gold     -Excellent yield of yellow-fleshed tubors on samall plants.  Produces exceptional salads.

               Purple Caribe- Satiny blue purple skin, whiter than white flesh. Very good masher. Easy to grow. 

               Viking- Smooth red skin, white flesh.  Good yields.  Drought tolerant. 

               Russian Blue  Deep blue skinned with blue flesh.  Excellent rich flavour.


Late Type  90+ Days

            Pontiac  -Very reliable.  Big yields even in clay and mucky soil.  Thin reddish skin, crisp white flesh. 

               Kennebec- Very relaible.  Hardy and easy to grow.  Large smooth, white skinned and white fleshed with shallow eyes for easy washing and peeling. 

               French Fingerling - Oblong tubors with a red skin and light yellow flesh.  Banana type.  Plants grows well and produces a large number of potatoes. 

Available in 1 kilo sized bags. Each bag yields 10 to 15 hills per bag when cutting the larger seed potatoes in half.  $17.95 per kilo.
Available early in May.